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Calendar of January 2020, Holidays, Historical Events In January Calendar of January 2020, Holidays, Historical Events In January about. January  2020 Calendar National Days : New Year's Day-Wednesday Jan 01 According to the Gregorian Calendar, which has become the official calendar of the world, January 1 is the first day of the year. The Gregorian calendar was commemorated by Pope Gregory the 13th in 1582 for his name. In fact it is largely the continuation of the Julien Calendar, introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 AD. In both calendars, the first month of the year is January.

History Of Calendar Of January 2020

Why did the Romans accept January as the first month of the year, the historian Plutark notes in his book Greek and Roman Affairs? the answer to his question begins with a math calculus. Later to be named Julius Caesar (Julius/July) reminds us that the old name of July was Quintilis (the fifth). The former name of August, which would later be named after Caesar Augustus, was Sextilis, meaning sixth. The names of September (seventh), October (eighth), November (ninth) and December (tenth) months have not changed since the first period. When it was founded in the 8th century BC by Romulus, the founder of Rome, there were 10 months in the calendar, lasting 304 days. The winter season had no months. The year was beginning with the month of March. Romulus, the founder of Rome, was the son of the God Of War Mars and had named ‘Martius’ in reference to his father's name for the first month of the year. However, Numa's successor and the second king of Rome, Numa, was a peaceful man. By reforming the calendar, he divided the winter into two months and increased the 10-month calendar to 12 months. He gave the first of these two months (January) the name of Janus, the god of peace and farming (Januarius), to the other (February), because the "Fabrua (purification)" ritual was held in that month, "Februarius."

Celebrities Born in January

List of birthdays of people who were born in January and are world famous. [table id=6 /] Brief Information on Holidays to Be in January 2020

2020 Federal Holidays Calendar

New Year's Day-Wednesday Jan 01 In the year 45 BC, when the Julian calendar is adopted, new year's day is celebrated on January 1 for the first time in history. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- Monday Jan 20 In the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., who is a public defender of black citizens in the United States, a historical leader in the struggle for anti-violence and racial equality, the United States is celebrated on the 3rd Monday (January 15th) of each year and is a public holiday.

January  2020 Calendar National Days

January 1 New Years Day National Bloody Mary Day National Hangover Day,

January 6 National Bean Day National Cuddle Up Day National Shortbread Day National Technology Day National Thank God It’s Monday Day – First Monday in January

January 9 National Apricot Day National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day National Static Electricity Day

January 10 National Bittersweet Chocolate Day National Cut Your Energy Costs Day National Oysters Rockefeller Day National Save The Eagles Day

January 11 National Arkansas Day National Human Trafficking Awareness Day National Milk Day National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day National Vision Board Day – Second Saturday in January

January 12 National Curried Chicken Day National Kiss A Ginger Day National Marzipan Day National Pharmacist Day National Sunday Supper Day – Second Sunday in January

January 20 National Buttercrunch Day National Cheese Lover’s Day National Disc Jockey Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Third Monday in January

January 21 National Granola Bar Day National Hugging Day Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day National Compliment Day National Peanut Butter Day

January 25 National Florida Day National Irish Coffee Day National Opposite Day National Seed Swap Day – Last Saturday in January

January 26 National Green Juice Day National Peanut Brittle Day National Spouses Day

January 27 National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – Last Monday of January National Chocolate Cake Day

January 28 National Blueberry Pancake Day Data Privacy Day National Have Fun At Work Day National Kazoo Day Plan for Vacation Day – Last Tuesday in January

January 31 National Backward Day National Big Wig Day – Last Friday in January National Hot Chocolate Day National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Historical events in January

The first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus, was launched into the United States sea on January 17, 1955.

The date that the German Emperor Wilhelm II built in Germany as a gift to Sultan Abdulhamid II and settled in Sultan Ahmet Square and named after him as the German fountain is January 27, 1901.

The founding date of National Geographic, a documentary magazine and channel, was January 27, 1888.

The date for the first telephone in the world to be towed to the British palace was January 14, 1878.

January 20, 1916 Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity. It was released on January 24, 1984 on Macintosh computers.

Calendar of January 2020, Holidays,Historical Events In January

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