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Terms Of Use

You are welcome to download, modify and print the calendars on this website and they are available for personal and business or organizational use provided you intend to use them legally.

Linking back to this website(or one of the pages) is allowed and encouraged, as long as your website does not contain content that is considered illegal or harmful.

Please do not link directly to the .png images or the .pdf files on this website. You can, however, use and self-host a thumbnail for the images, but you may not self-host the .pdf or .zip versions or the full resolution .jpg files. For example, we recommend you to link to https://www.12calendar.com/printable-may-2020-calendar/ but not to https://www.12calendar.com/images/galeri/printable-may-2020-calendarr.zip.

You are not allowed to redistribute(self-host) or republish the content and templates on this website. These terms of use can change at any time.


We, as site owners are not responsible nor liable for any damages that may arise from the use of https://www.12calendar.com/ or the contents of this website.